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Dr. Maureen Reardon

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist


Dr. Reardon is one of just ten forensic psychologists in North Carolina who has undergone the rigorous credentialing and examination processes required for specialty certification in forensic psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).  She is licensed to practice in North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Oregon,  and Delaware.   She has completed numerous court-ordered and privately retained assessments of adults and juveniles in multiple state as well as federal jurisdictions.  She has been qualified and testified as an expert in the area of forensic psychology many times.   Dr. Reardon has broad range of experience and expertise in evidenced-based assessment of adults and juveniles as it relates to competency to stand trial, Miranda waivers/confessions, criminal responsibility / sanity, sentencing mitigation (including capital cases), juvenile transfer, and sexual and violent recidivism risk.  She also conducts evaluations in civil litigation contexts, including psychological injury/workplace disability claims. 


In addition to comprehensive forensic assessments, she also provides attorney consultation services (e.g., witness preparation, critical analysis of expert reports,  etc.). 

Dr. Reardon is committed to promoting the highest standards of forensic practice on a national level.  She served on the Board of Directors for the American Board of Forensic Psychology and was the 2019 President of that organization.  Currently, she is the Co-Chair of Continuing Education for the American Academy of Forensic Psychology.  She regularly offers professional workshops addressing a variety of psycholegal topics relevant to mental health and legal professionals. 




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