Professional Services
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Psychological Assessment

Diagnostic Clarification

and Recommendations

I offer cognitive, achievement, and personality testing for the purposes of clarifying diagnosis and appropriate interventions for adolescents to older adults.  I also offer limited psychoeducational assessments for school-age children. 

Assessment services offered at locations throughout the Triangle area.


Forensic Evaluation and Consultation

Comprehensive forensic assessments, attorney consultation, and expert testimony

Areas of special interest / expertise include cases involving serious and persistent mental disorders (e.g., psychosis/bipolar conditions), character pathology, and substance addiction;  questions of competency (to stand trial, confess/waive Miranda); criminal responsibility (diminished capacity, insanity); capital sentencing/mitigation; risk of violence/sexual offense recidivism; and, juvenile offenders.


Additionally, I conduct evaluations relevant to disability / workman's compensation claims; emotional and psychological damages;  and, parental stability.




Working together to achieve personal awareness, well-being,  and life satisfaction


Let's get started on the process of positive change using evidence-based methods for the treatment of depression, anxiety, combat-related PTSD, substance addiction, and other characterological/interpersonal problems. 


Services offered for adults and couples at my Raleigh, NC office location.

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